Change The Way You Communicate With Website and Facebook Page Visitors

Artificial Intelligence Powered Chat that provides instant chat response tailored to suit your business objectives. It operates 24X7 to handle all your visitor’s queries sans any human agent backed up by CRM to facilitate analytics.

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Easy integration with your existing Website and Facebook page, within 24 hours.

Skypebot Messengerbot

Personal Assistant for your Website

Live Chat

Analyse Your Customer Live Conversation

StartupBot Chat, as a website chat software can be integrated on the website within a few minutes. There are times when visitors on your website may get confused and seek instant help. StartupBot Chat brings a solution to this. Anytime, visitors can click on the chat banner to initiate live chat assistance.

Live Chat

Raise Your Sales

Let your customer know the expected waiting time in the chat queue

Startup Bot provides information to your website visitors regarding their waiting time in the chat queue and set accurate response time expectations.

Queuing enables you to manage the agent workload in a better way. In this live chat software, you can set a limit on the total number of concurrent chats your one agent can have at a single time. By this you can make sure that the support agents don’t get overloaded with too many chat requests.


Visitor Analytics

Detailed information about website visitors at your finger tips

Know your website visitors by their names, geographic location, current page visits etc. and offer them more personalized support.

Apart from offering website live chat, Startup Bot also helps you to analyze the customer behavior. By ‘Visitor Analytics’, you will be getting a deeper insight of your customers.


Talk 24X7 365 Days

Engage with your website visitors with Chatbot

Initiate live chat sessions with your website visitors at the right time and instantly assist them before they leave your website.

There are times when your customers face problems and wish to talk to a live person on your website for assistance but the thought of getting real-time assistance through live chat does not come in their mind. ‘Chatbot’ will help in such scenarios.


Make data driven business decisions

sales conversions

Improved sales conversions

With live chat software, offer your website visitors instant assistance and increase your sales.

Service Cost Reduction

Reduction in service cost

Live chat online with multiple visitors simultaneously for better support efficiency.

Customer feedback

Instant customer feedback

Receive valuable customer feedback to gain insights and improve the quality of service.

Visitor Tracking


The latest craze in software interfaces is messenger bots,It has the largest chat platform by a long shot which makes your client to know about your services.

Brand Loyalty


You can start chatting with a bot just like you chat with friends - simply click on the bot and start typing it always keeps your client's upto date with your services.

Engage proactively


We develop chatbots apps and integrate them with your websites and can be easily scaled in future and integrated with other messaging systems.